Many of your friends tinted their cars? Were some annoyed by the sunlight while driving, while others wanted an aesthetic enhancement for their cars? Here are some additional benefits of window tinting you should know about:

  1. Drive safely

    Driving with the sun directly in your face could be deadly. But window tint shields your eyes and prevents you for making driving mistakes caused by glare from sources of extreme light.

  2. Protect your skin

    Window film screens out more than 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It prevents sunburn, skin cancer, and skin aging.

  3. Keep the car cool

    Do you have long debates with your friends or your partner on the right level of air conditioning in the car? Well, those arguments can stop now: window tinting blocks solar heat and reduces the heat inside your car by up to 65%. It also protects car interiors from cracking and warping.

  4. Looking for privacy?

    Choose the right shading for the window film, and get the level of privacy you want. Once installed, you won’t need to worry about hiding your valuables every time you park!

  5. Shatterproof effect

    In case of impact or accident, tint protects you and the other passengers. It is designed to keep glass from shattering.

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