You might be a big fan of the winter season, but as experts we know that your car does not love it. Cold weather, salted Ocean wind, winter dirt and gravel are all coming hard on your car.  Before winter kicks off in San Diego, stop by our shop to install a clear bra on your car. What will be the advantages to listen to our advice, and get a paint protection film?

  • A 3M Clear Bra is completely invisible to the human eye, but when applied on your car provides full protection to the original paint. 
  • Avoid scratches, dents or paint chips that decrease the resale value of your car. Keep that brand-new look of the car’s paint job.
  • Bet on prevention, and protect your car against rock chips, and against the inevitable rusting of the metal due to those chips.
  • If you live or drive often by the beach, a clear bra stops the paint erosion determined by the salty air.
  • Finally, a clear bra also protects the paint against chemical reactions due to changes in temperature. 

Paint protection film can be installed and replaced easily without affecting the original paint job. You may choose to protect your entire car or only specific parts, such as the front area, which is more exposed to damages.

At Monumental Workx, we are certified as a 3M Clear Bra installer. We have full access to tools, resources and software to use the paint protection technology at its best.

Make your pre-winter appointment today for a clear bra installation, and get an early Christmas gift for your car from Monumental Workx!

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