Vehicle customization is a great way to stand out and show your personality out on the road. Whether you’ve just bought or leased a car, you don’t have to stick to its original concept.

The same can be said for Teslas as they’re no different from ordinary vehicles when it comes to personalization. So, let’s look at the highlights of Tesla customizations in San Diego for 2021! 

Paint Protection

If you want to shield your Tesla from small scratches, gravel, bugs, rocks, and other debris, then applying paint protection is a must. This film shows off your vehicle’s unique colors while maintaining its longevity, and it’s a fantastic choice for those who want their Teslas to look factory-new. 

The XPEL Clear Bra, especially, is an undetectable film designed to appear seamless for longer. With it, you can say goodbye to discoloration, cracking, or peeling. 

Vinyl Wrapping

Take your Tesla customizations to the next level by applying vinyl wraps. Give your vehicle a fresh appearance while gaining extra protection without sacrificing your Tesla’s original paint job. 

Vinyl wraps are also an excellent choice to combat humidity, different temperatures, salt sprays, and UV rays. 

Window Tinting

Looking for sleek San Diego Tesla customizations? Why stop there when you can also provide your vehicle with better temperature control and UV protection? Window tinting is a great option for both you and your Tesla for those exact reasons, and it comes with the added benefit of shielding any valuables in your car from prying eyes. 

All in all, use this option for the longevity of your interior design and added safety. 

Headlight and Taillight Tinting

By tinting both your taillights and headlights, you’ll save your Tesla from that hazy look all drivers hate. Like all other customizations, these also help prevent small scratches and dents, but if your headlights and taillights already have minor imperfections, this approach can make them less visible. These tints are great for both subtle and colorful approaches.

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