Blue Chrome Vinyl Wrap on Tesla (Model 3)

A post on the Tesla subreddit featured a customer’s blue chrome vinyl wrapped Tesla Model 3. In less than 24 hours, the post exceeded 2,600 upvotes on the forum. At Monumental Workx, vinyl wraps are for car owners who want to express their personalities. Get in...
Clear-cut benefits of vinyl car wraps

Clear-cut benefits of vinyl car wraps

Have you recently spotted a rose gold chrome or matte purple car? Or one with a galactic print? Chances are these were wrapped in vinyl. Vinyl wraps are like temporary tattoos for your car – a new trendy look without a long-term commitment! Here are other key...
How fleet graphics can benefit your business

How fleet graphics can benefit your business

The image of Sarah Jessica Parker in that iconic Sex and The City bus ad will probably stick with you forever. Why not provide your customers with the same lasting impression of your brand? That is the best example of how fleet graphics can benefit your business. If...

3 Benefits of Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl car wraps can do more for your car than just transform the way it looks. Wrapping a car with full vinyl panels can allow you to completely change its color or add your own advertising, but it can also protect it from scratching, chipping, and general wear and...
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