Nowadays, the Clear Bra Paint Protection Films benefit from advanced technology that esthetically enhances your car’s outlook, while protecting it against debris, weathering or pebbles. How did Clear Bra make its way in the automotive industry and in the life of automobile lovers?


It all started during the Vietnam war

In the mid-50s, the military looked for a way to reduce its costs of repairing damaged helicopter rotor blades. The solution came in the form of tape – a thermoplastic urethane. Once applied, this bra was light enough, but also strong enough to protect the rotor blades from flying debris during landing and take-off.


First car bra, developed for Porsche

The first car bra was invented in the 60s when some owners of Porsche cars asked Colgans Auto Upholstery to design something like a protective cover for their expensive cars. This idea transformed into a first car bra pattern installed on Porsche 356.


The black vinyl car bra

For years, the car bra was installed to protect the front and the back ends of the cars, and preserve the vehicle’s factory finish. In the 80s and 90s, the protection film was intensively used especially on race cars. The bra became famous as the only option to protect cars from rock chips, scratches, and road debris.


The perfect invisible bra

Today’s high-quality 3M Paint Protection Film is almost invisible to the eye. The bra is much thinner, lighter while providing strong protections for the car paint. The film is risk-free adhesive, it has self-healing power, and it screens against UV rays so that the original paint will never fade.


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