Here are the Top 4 Reasons to choose a Monumental Vinyl Wrap over a new paint job for your vehicle.

1. Time: A standard automotive paint job can take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete. By using the latest technology, we can install a vinyl wrap with great efficiency.

2. Cost: A high-quality paint job can easily run you upwards of $10,000. This compared to high-quality vinyl wrap which are significantly less and they allow for detailed options and customization not available with paint.

3. Maintenance: Each of our vinyl wraps includes a translucent protective top layer. This not only provides a protect from harmful UV rays, but it you will never have to wax your car again. After a simple wash, it will restore it’s brand new look.

4. Durability: A single rock could cause major damage to a paint job. But a vinyl wrap can withstand the abuse of every day driving by not only being much more durable but also resists oxidation and sun bleaching

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