Monumental Workx is a certified Llumar Formula One window tints dealer. We specialized in installing this high-performance auto tint because we want you to benefit from the top-of-the-line film for your car. Here are the main reasons we chose to work with Llumar Formula One films.


Formula One is designed to give you the highest heat and glare reduction in the industry. This outstanding performance tint reduces the heat, improves your comfort while driving on very warm and sunny days, and makes you use the AC much less. To give you precise figures: the Formula One tint provides up to 65% heat rejection and 85% less glare.


The tint is powerful enough to shield 99% of UV rays. It keeps you and other car passengers safe from harmful sun exposure, while also protecting the car’s interior from damage caused by sunlight and heat.

Ultimate appearance

You may choose from a variety of film shades, from dramatic to more subtle, to match your taste. All Llumar Formula One auto tints come with incredible features – some provide stronger protection against solar heat and UV rays, using nano-ceramic technology, while others give your car a more aesthetic appearance.

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