How much does your car enjoy the San Diego weather and the constant ocean nearness? Our experts would tell you that not that much as you might enjoy them. And here is why we recommend you to schedule your car for tinting and wrapping.

Complete protection for your car
The San Diego sun is crazy hot, and it damages both the interior and exterior of your car. Use window tinting to protect the car interior from cracks in the upholstery or leather and from fading on your dashboard. Install vinyl wraps to preserve the original paint of the car against the terrible summer temperatures.

Less Wear and Tear on the car’s AC
The unbearable high temperatures make you run the AC system at the max constantly? Window tinting and wraps keep the car cooler for much longer. Once installed, when you hop in and out from your car, you will not have to crank the AC that hard anymore.

Prevent rusting
San Diego salt air is very good for your health but damages your car. The salt rusts your car, but the vinyl can stop that. The wraps fully protect the covered parts from rust and abrasion. Likewise, the tinting film secures the windows from abrasion or scratches.

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