Do you plan to use custom car vinyl wraps to promote your business brand? It is a smart marketing decision if you know how to avoid common car wrap mistakes. Here at Monumental Workx, we have seen many of them when business owners contacted us to fix or reinstall their vinyl wraps.

Hire a professional shop to install the car wraps to keep away from:

Allowing bad wrap jobs.

If you choose to make it a DIY project or hire a less experienced installer, you might end up with poor trimming and cutting corners resulting in peeling edges, many and visible bubbles, or the worst – wrap patches.

Ignoring installation temperature.

Car wraps should be applied in a climate-controlled environment, and never installed in temperatures lower than 50℉. Applying the wraps at the right temperature will make your vinyl wraps investment cost-efficient by lasting longer.

Choosing a low-quality vinyl wrap.

This will break a lot sooner than a premium car wrap, and you will have to replace it more often, increasing your marketing costs.

Deciding on the wrong color scheme for your custom car wraps.

Most of the time, it’s best to choose bright colors, to create a strong contrast between your logo or message and the background of your car wrap.

Ignoring the challenges of three-dimensional wraps.

For these, there is no excuse – you need a professional applying them. The 3D wraps require professional equipment and a lot of experience in dealing with multiple vinyl sheets: measure, cut to fit, and navigate around angles and curves.

Avoid these common car wrap mistakes that could ruin your marketing plan, and contact us for the state-of-the-art equipment, highly experienced installers, and premium car vinyl wraps.

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