No vehicle with a couple of years on the road is going to look factory new. The elements, small chips, dents, dust, and other factors can give your car an unpolished look, but there are steps you can take to prolong the longevity of that shine or matte finish you love so much!

Let’s go over the most effective ways to keep your car looking new.

Car Detailing

Instead of getting a regular car wash, consider getting your vehicle detailed. Professionals will restore your vehicle to its former glory with utmost care and more precision than a regular wash.

Done by hand, car detailing will leave the interior and exterior of your car spotless.


Polishing involves removing a very thin layer of paint from your car. Then, wax is used to seep into all the tiny imperfections, offering your vehicle a luxurious look. 

Due to the removal of the topmost layer of paint, it is only recommended to get this done infrequently. 

Paint Protection

A paint protection film will not only give your car a brand new look, but it’ll also protect the paint from scrapes, scratches, and dents. It can be applied to both glossy and matte paint. 

This is also a great preemptive measure, as these films are also self-healing. If you notice any scratches, leaving your car out in the sun will allow the film to melt back into its former shape.

Vinyl Wrap

A vinyl wrap will coat either your entire car or parts of it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these, as you can opt for custom colors and patterns. So, by vinyl wrapping your car you can ensure a fresh new look that will also protect the vehicle’s original paint.

Vinyl wraps can only be applied on vehicles with minimal damage, however, as the layers are thin. Professionals will ensure that your car has a smooth and seamless finish by filling in bigger areas of damage.

If you want to keep your car looking new with vinyl wraps or paint protection installation, contact us today!

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