Custom vehicle wrapping is the new thing you should try for your car. You can color and design your car without having it painted showing your personal style or advertising your business. Before calling a vinyl wrap shop, learn about the car wrapping trends for 2020:

1. Black stays in fashion

Matte black or galaxy black are popular car wrapping choices in 2020. While matte black is elegant and exotic, the galaxy black is a glamorous dark black with just a flicker of light.

2. Color-shifting wraps

Install a color-shifting wrap, and your car will look one color from one angle and a different one from another angle. The metallic colors are the preferred ones for these color-shifting car wraps.

3. Metallic wraps

Gloss, matte or satin metallics are also in high demand in 2020. For instance, you can add some subtle attitude to your car with matte charcoal metallic or matte dark grey metallic.

4. Textured wraps

Add a unique style to your car with a textured vehicle wrap. The most popular textures are carbon fiber, brushed metals, shadow black or shadow military green.

5. Angled text design

If you want to promote your business or just to send a message out there, we recommend the modern design of angled text wraps. This stands out, being more visible and powerful than the regular text. Usually, it starts on the driver’s door and angles up to the back of the car.

6. Playful wraps

Fun messages or playful design or images is another vehicle wrapping trend in 2020. Puns or fun taglines draw attention to your car, displaying your personality or your business’ brand identity.

7. Full vehicle wraps

Consider covering all your car with wrap. Many car owners and businesses choose the full vehicle car wrapping in 2020. Why? Because it gives you all the space you need to express your personality or to share info about your business.

If you want to try one of these car wrapping trends for 2020 or you consider setting a new trend, count on Monumental Workx. We provide countless options to make your car truly different, just contact us!

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