When the time comes to give your vehicle a new look, you have two options: having it repainted or having it wrapped. Both options will give you a great looking car, but depending on the condition of your car, your budget, and your timeline, one choice may be smarter than the other.

Should I Use Car Wrapping on My Vehicle?

There are some instances when wrapping your car instead of painting it is a smarter move. Check out the pros and cons below.

Pros of wrapping a vehicle:

  • Wraps costs less. Industry averages estimate that wrapping a car costs between $500 and $3,000. Custom paint jobs start at $1,000 and go as high as $8,000. For most people, the finances alone make wrap jobs a more appealing option.
  • Wraps increase resale value. When you wrap a car, the original finish has a layer of protection that is removable. In essence, you are preserving the car’s original perfection underneath. Perhaps your company uses bright colors in promotion and you’d like to use your vehicle as a mobile marketing machine. The vehicle will fetch you more when it’s time to sell if that bright yellow or pink exterior is removed.
  • Wraps take less time to put on. In most cases, a car wrap will take just a few days’ time. When you go the paint route, you could be waiting over one week for it to be done properly.

Cons of wrapping a vehicle:

  • Wraps only last about 5 years. Sometimes they last even less time. For people who switch out vehicles every few years, this may not be a big deal. For those who like to hang onto vehicles for a decade or more, this is a downside to vehicle wrapping.
  • Wraps work best on vehicles that are in good shape. If your vehicle has any dents or other damage, a vehicle wrap may not fit properly or look right. If your vehicle has already been repainted, a wrap won’t attach to it at all. If you try to wrap a vehicle that has seen damage, the chances for wrinkling and bubbling increase.

Should I paint my vehicle?

Repainting a vehicle is the tried and true way to change the color of your car, but it may not always the best choice. Decide for yourself based on the information below.

Pros of painting a vehicle:

  • Painted cars look good. No matter what the condition of your car, a quality paint job will spruce it up. You do not need to worry that the paint won’t attach correctly or will “wrinkle” like some wraps can do, based on vehicle condition.
  • Painting allows unique customization. There are definitely a lot of different vehicle wraps, but when your car is painted it can be completely original. With the right paint shop, you can have just about anything painted on your vehicle and know that it won’t be duplicated elsewhere.

Cons of painting a vehicle:

  • Painted cars cost more. In most cases, painting your vehicle will come with a higher price tag than using a wrap. If you find a discount vehicle paint shop, the quality of the work will likely be lower than a certified shop.
  • Painted cars take longer to complete. To do a quality vehicle paint job, shops need to do the proper preparation and then take the time to paint it in a detailed way. You could be looking at a week or two from the time you drop off your car to the time you get it back if you go this route.

For the best results on your vehicle color change, seek out the advice of a licensed auto body shop that specializes in vehicle wraps and custom paint jobs. The professionals can take your motive into account and give you advice on which path would make the most sense for you and your car.

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