Whether you plan to wrap your personal car or your business fleet, you do care about how the wrap will reflect on your image or on your organization’s brand. Do not rush into the process, check first these common car wrap mistakes! 


Bad design choices

Before you choose your design, think about your audience, but also about the fact that your car is on the move most of the time. Avoid poor contrast between elements, dark colors on dark colors, unreadable fonts or too heavy designs. Make sure the wrap design is visible from a distance, and that people could spot it quickly.


Low-quality materials

That is something we could not say it enough: use only high-quality products to wrap your car! The best wraps provide outstanding results on your car, and they are reliable and long-lasting.


Rushed car preparation

Take the time to inspect your car’s surface for any damage, and repair it. Also, clean the car thoroughly before you apply the wrap. This will allow for the perfect installation, with no bubbles or dust bumps.


DIY installations

Designing, customizing and installing car wraps is a complex and multi-step process, which you would prefer experts to do it for you. Our advice is to work with certified graphics installers because they have access to the latest technology and products directly from the main wrap supplier. Plus, the expertise of the technicians ensures your car wrap lasts for many years.


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