Car vinyl wraps market gets more and more attention, as it becomes more and more successful because of its innovative technologies and materials. However, success also brings along misconceptions and misinformation about what a vehicle wrap is and does. Here we debunk the top five myths about vinyl wraps.

Myth 1. Car wrap may damage the car’s paint

On the contrary, a vinyl wrap protects the original paint of the car. As long as your car’s paint is cured and in good condition, the wrap shields it away from the UV rays and prevents fading. The vinyl also preserves the paint from abrasions determined by dirt, particles and other road debris.

Myth 2. Vinyl wraps don’t last long

The wrap can last between 5-7 years, or even more, of you maintain it properly. Wash it regularly, and clean any fuel spills or bird droppings. Also, keep it away from extreme weather conditions, such as harsh sun rays or abrasive winds.

Myth 3. Removing the vinyl is too difficult

Car wraps are designed to be perfectly installed and, then, removed from your vehicle. A certified installer, such as Monumental Workx, will always use premium vinyl and adhesive. These high-quality products and proper installation guarantee a clean removal with no residue within the product warranty period.

Myth 4. Vehicle wraps cost too much

Fancier wrap you want in terms of material, the look, the message, the graphics details, etc., higher the costs of designing and installing it will be. However, most of the car wraps are much more affordable when compared to traditional car painting.

Myth 5. Wraps on your car’s windows are not safe

The wrap that is applied to window areas is specially designed for visibility. It is a perforated window wrap that is completely see-through and safe for driving. However, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to cover with graphs the front windshield and the forward driver and passenger windows.

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