Now that San Diego is reopening, business owners have to employ clever ways to market themselves. What better way to catch the attention of potential customers than through fleet wraps?

Wrapping your fleet is a clever way to advertise at all times, whether your vehicles are parked or stuck in traffic. But there are certain mistakes that you should keep in mind. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of putting off potential customers.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid!

Going the DIY Route

If you’ve decided to try out vehicle fleet wraps on your own, you might run into some trouble. By installing them yourself you could introduce bubbles under the vinyl. Frayed edges are also quite common and these could give your fleet a cheap look.

Professionals will ensure that the vehicles are clean and ready for installation. What’s more, they are well aware of state regulations, so you don’t have to waste any time researching those yourself.

Cutting Costs

Vehicle fleet vinyl wraps don’t exactly come cheap, but you may be compelled to pick the most affordable option regardless of your needs.

You have to think long-term. Different types of wraps perform better than others, so longevity is key unless you’re ready to pay for new vinyl wraps sooner rather than later.

Picking a Bad Design

You might have already envisioned the “perfect” design for your fleet, but will it actually attract more customers? You’d think that adding as much information as possible on your vehicles works best but sometimes, simple is better.

A graphic designer will declutter your design while ensuring high visibility. They’ll also help come up with compelling calls to action that fit your needs. The last thing you want is to sacrifice important information, such as your website or phone number.

We can help you avoid all of these mistakes if you contact us today!

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