If you know San Diego well, then you know the summers are hot and sunny. That means It’s the perfect time to get your windows tinted. June 20th is the official start of summer this year, so it’s best to be proactive about protecting your car and yourself by getting your windows tinted.

How does window tinting protect my car?

Window tinting protects your investment.

During the hot summer days, your car’s interior and performance are at risk due to the sunlight and heat. The upholstery, leather, and vinyl inside of a car can become worn and faded due to prolonged sunlight. Blocking the sun’s rays will keep your interior in top shape and keeps your car looking newer for much longer.

Window tinting can help lower fuel consumption.

With the introduction of air conditioning to cars, it has been a welcome sight during the hottest of days. However, with professionally installed window tint, your car will block out a lot of the heat. That means a cutdown on your use of your air conditioning which means your fuel will last longer.

How does window tinting protect me?

Window tinting protects your skin from UV rays.

UV rays can cause a lot of skin problems, including skin cancer if a person is overexposed. It can also cause skin burns, darkening of the skin, and accelerated skin aging. There’s no way to avoid the sun when driving to and from places, but you can protect yourself and your passengers with professionally installed window tint.

Window tinting protects your eyes from sun glare.

Whether you’re driving in the direction of sunlight in the morning or the afternoon, you’ll notice sun glare. It can distract you just enough to cause an accident if you don’t have any protection. Take care of yourself like you take care of yourself and your car just by getting your windows tinted.

Why can I count on Monumental Workx for high-quality window tinting?

When you are in need of expert car tinting services in San Diego, we are simply the best there is. Don’t just take our word for it, see the countless reviews from happy car owner we have received over the years.

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