Window tinting has a lot of benefits for your car and yourself, protecting from harmful UV rays, glare, and heat. However, in California, you may get pulled over for tinted windows, if these are not complying with the laws.

Here is a quick guide on Car Window Tinting Laws in California:

  • First, there are strict limits on how dark the windshield and the front side tinted windows may be: 70% VLT. This means that the tint should allow at least 70% of visible light to get through.
  • Keep in mind that if you install a window tint on your car that left the factory already tinted to some degree, then the aftermarket tint may not be lower than 88% VLT. This film combined with the factory tint should be 70% VLT.
  • If your dermatologist recommends you to get stronger protection against UV rays, then there are some medical exemptions for lower tint on all windows.
  • The tint may cover up to 4 inches of the top of the windshield.
  • Provided that your car has dual side mirrors, then California Car Window Tint Laws allow you to use any darkness on the rear window.
  • The back side windows may be tinted with any film, there is no restriction on the level of darkness.
  • However, California laws do not permit using red, amber, or blue tint colors, and the side windows must be colorless.
  • Finally, keep in mind that any tint added to any car window must be non-reflective.

We fully comply with the California car window tinting regulations. Once we install the tints, we will also provide you with the required certificate proving that the film respects the state rules. Make a tinting appointment here!

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