For an average four-door car, we need about one-and-a-half hours to get it ready for you. If there are complex curves or larger surface glass areas, it may take longer.
Here are the steps we take to ensure quality window tinting:

Preparing The Windows
We clean the windows thoroughly, making sure all the edges and seals are dust and dirt free. If necessary, we may vacuum your car to be confident that no dust is trapped between the glass and the window film.

Perfectly Cutting The Tint
Our professionals are assigned many hours of practice labor before tinting anyone’s car. After a good window wash, we prepare the personalized film before placing the tinting over the windows. The film is then aligned and realigned multiple times, and cut until it fits the window perfectly.

Adhering The Tint
Tinting film works like a sticker. We carefully remove the layer that keeps the tint adhesive solid, while fixing the film on the windows. After the film is applied,we work all the water and the air bubbles out for a smooth finish.

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