You’ve decided to vinyl wrap your car but you’re unsure of the costs. Because there are many variables that go into the process, it’s difficult to name a price right off the bat.

The more work that goes into vinyl wrapping your vehicle, the more you’ll pay. With this in mind, here are some things you need to consider that may greatly affect costs.

Type of Vinyl

The type of vehicle vinyl wrap you chose has a say in the final price. Basic colors are typically the cheapest and they’re great options compared to repainting your entire car.

Want to reduce gloss? Then a matte finish is best for you, which is more expensive than simple colors. A chrome finish, known as the flashier and more colorful pick, will cost even more. Another option is the carbon fiber vehicle vinyl wrap, usually the most expensive type of finish.

Materials that are trickier to work with are more expensive.

Type of Car

Wrapping a Ram Pickup is different from wrapping a Honda Civic. Smaller cars will need less material, meaning you’ll pay less per square foot, regardless of your choice of vinyl.

Keep in mind that some vehicles are more intricate than others, with odd shapes and angles that require more attention to details and thus, more work.


Labor costs can quickly add up. There are many things that go into the process, such as detailing your car or loosening lights, trims, and bumpers in order to achieve a crisp vinyl installation.

A small graphic cutout will cost significantly less than an entire car vinyl wrap. It’ll also take less time to install. If you want graphics on your car, you’ll pay extra for the design process and the design itself.

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