The first thing to learn about the costs of a car wrap is that there is no one price fits all. The final price depends on different factors. We compiled for you a list of variables that you need to take into consideration when estimating the costs of a car wrap:

Wrap design

If you are looking for a more complex design, such as detailed illustrations with realistic artwork, then definitely this will increase the cost of the car wrap. Of course, simple designs are more affordable.

Wrap material

This depends on the type of car and its surface. Cars with compound curves require high-performance vinyl that is used for special surfaces. For flat surfaces, more cost-effective material, still very durable, can be installed.

Square footage

The final price of the car wrap depends on how much of the vehicle is going to be covered, or in the case of the full wrap – on the size of your car. Obviously, full wrap costs more than partial wrap or a logo display.


If you would like to provide more protection to your car against weather and debris, you might choose to add a clear nano-ceramic liquid coating, which is not included in the base price. Also, you will pay extra for treatments, such as carbon-fiber-look or chrome effects.


A complex wrap will require more labor and more dedicated time for it. Also, expect to pay more for higher quality installation done with state-of-the-art equipment and by recognized professional shops.

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