It’s not always easy to get a straight answer regarding the cost of window tinting. The cost of window tinting can vary, but the numerous advantages for your car and for your health do not.  Here are some of the many factors that influence the price of window tinting:


The quality of the film

Less efficient films cost much less than higher-end films. Our advice is to spend a little extra on better tint, which will last longer, and provide better protection for the driver and passengers, and for the car interior against the UV. Also, always buy a tint with a warranty!


The film’s technology

Some tints will focus more on UV protection and keep your car cool while parked in the sunlight. Other films are designed so that they can provide precision machine-cutting to ensure that the tint is perfectly installed on the windows. Finally, some other tints offer protection against glass shattering in case of accidents or attempted thefts. Choose the technology that fits you best and pay accordingly!


The complexity of the project

How many windows do you want to tint? Do you have to remove an existing film? The installation costs for curved or steep rear windows will be a little bit higher, as these are more difficult to tint. The more windows you choose to tint, the more privacy and more protection you get for your car!


Installation services

Do not count on saving money on installation through a DIY project! The technicians have the expertise and the state-of-art equipment for high quality installation. Pay an installation shop and benefit from professional window tinting, warranty and customer service.


Taking into consideration all these aspects, window tinting might cost from $100 to $600.  Make an appointment with Monumental Workx experts to decide on your window tinting project!
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