How much is a paint protection film installation?

At Monumental Workx, we have installed paint protection film (PPF) on hundreds of cars over the past few years. By now, we can tell that installing a PPF – also called “clear bra” – is worth the cost. This thin ultra-resistant film, virtually invisible to the naked eye, protects your car’s paint from small scratches, rock chips, debris, UV exposure, acid rain, etc. Plus, a high-quality PPF has this “self-healing” power when light scratches occur.

If you decide to install a protection film on your car, you should consider the different cost factors.

The size of your vehicle

Bigger cars or peculiar vehicle shapes request for more film and more effort in installing the PPF. The costs increase when more material and more time are needed for installation.

The quality of the protection film

Prepare to invest more in high-quality PPF, if you want to avoid discoloring or yellowish-glow of the film. Also, the top brands provide longer warranties for their films – up to 10 years.

Additional services

For a superior paint protection solution, you might consider asking your installer to apply a ceramic coat over the film. Also, this will stop the water, dirt and debris to stick to the PPF.

Premium installation

A professional installer will deliver a clean and nearly undetectable protection film. Expertise and state-of-the-art equipment will increase the costs of installation, but these guarantee a long-lasting perfect clear bra for your car.
Interested in protecting your car with a clear bra?

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