You’ve made the wise decision to protect your mint condition paint job with a paint protection film, otherwise known as a ‘clear bra’, and now you’re wondering what comes next.

We’ve found a lot of people have questions about how to wash a vehicle that has been fitted with an XPEL paint protection film, specifically how to avoid damaging the film and voiding the warranty.

So, here is our expert guide to caring for your XPEL paint protection film moving forward and maximizing its longevity.

The two-day rule

XPEL recommend to leave at least 48 hours from installation before washing. This will ensure that the film has had ample time to cure onto your vehicle.

Don’t use a pressure washer near the edges

Using a pressure washer near the edges of the film can cause the film to lift or become damaged. Make sure the pressure washer is 8-12 inches away from the vehicle and use the regular PSI that you’d use so as not to damage the finish.

If waxing, avoid certain products

You probably want to give your vehicle a good waxing to bring out the paint job! That’s fine, but XPEL says to make sure to use a wax that doesn’t contain Naphtha or Kerosene in concentrations over 5%, and to avoid waxes that contain dyes.

Immediately remove foreign… invaders

Make sure to promptly organic matter bird-dropping, bug-splatter or tree-sap as these contain film-harming acids.

Avoid aggressive chemicals and clay-based products

To maximize longevity keep aggressive chemicals, e.g. bug and tar removers, off your film or coating. Also, avoid clay-based as these can catch and begin to lift the film.

Only wipe when wet

Always make sure that the surface of your vehicle is wet in the process of wiping.

Wash with the love and care you would normally

Apart from the above, clean and care for your car as normal. If you’d like any more advice on this or the benefits of clear bras then don’t hesitate to reach out!

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