Window tinting does not only make your car look awesome, but also protects your car and your health a great deal! So, it’s your turn to protect your investment and learn how to properly care for your window tint.


Keep your windows rolled up

The adhesive used to stick the film does not cure immediately. Do not roll your windows down for two-four days after installation, otherwise, the tint may peel.


Wait for the tint to cure

While tint cures, some hazing and water pockets are normal. However, do not use any water or cleaning products during this time, because they might affect the film or the adhesive.


Use only ammonia-free cleaners

For cleaning, we recommend you to use only some warm water with a drop of dish soap. Most of the time, this is enough. However, if you decide a cleaner is needed, buy one made specifically for window film. Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or harsh chemicals. 


Never scrub!

Always use a soft microfiber or cotton cloth to wash the tint. Remove excessive water with a soft rubber squeegee. Tint cleaning should never involve abrasive sponges, blades or scrapers. 


Scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof

High-quality window tint, like the one we install here at Monumental Workx, is quite durable. Extend the film’s lifespan by protecting it from sharp objects. Be careful when loading boxes, sports equipment, or any item with sharp or hard edges that could accidentally reach and scratch the film.


Taking care of your window tint also means investing in it from the very beginning: always choose a professional installation! Schedule your car for window tinting here!

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