Installing a headlight tint or taillight tint may be an exciting DIY project for car enthusiasts like you. Here is a short guide on how to tint headlights and taillights safely and correctly.

Materials you will need for installation:
A lint-free cloth
Water and liquid soap
A squeegee
A heat gun or blow dryer
A fine needle

Clean the lights.

Use soap and water and a lint-free cloth to fully clean the headlight or taillight housing, the lens, and the surrounding areas. Make sure you remove all dust, oil, or other residues.

Spray the lens.

Use a small amount of water to mist the lens. This will allow you to reposition the headlight tint or taillight tint during installation.

Remove the tint from the liner.

Peel the liner and spray both sides of the film with water.

Apply and align the tint.

Apply the adhesive side of the film to the lens. Start applying on the flattest surface and work towards the more difficult curved areas.

Spray the outside of the film.

Create a lubrication layer for the squeegee to glide over.

Squeegee on the tint.

Press down and squeegee the film with smooth sweeping motions, until you see the water exiting from underneath the tint.

Heat the film.

Use a heat gun or a blow dryer, and if possible also turn on the headlights/taillights to help increase the surface temperature. This will make the tint more pliable and easier to adhere to the curved surfaces.

Trim all the excess tint.

If you are applying a pre-cut vinyl tint, the trimming will be minimal.

Allow the film to dry.

After 30 minutes, look over the tint and check for any air or water bubbles and poke them with a needle.

Now, you know how to install headlight and taillight tints for your car. However, depending on the vehicle model, some headlights or taillights are difficult to install on. When in doubt, reach us at Monumental Workx!

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