Rather than choose to customize your vehicle with a new paint job or highlights, you might want to consider vinyl wrapping it instead. If you’re unaware, vinyl wrapping is either wholly or partially covering your vehicle with a vinyl film.

More and more people are choosing this option, and for good reason. Here we’ll go through the main benefits of using Avery Dennison Vinyl Wraps as opposed to a regular paint job.

Less time

For a quality paint respray your car might be in the garage for up to two weeks. In contrast a vinyl wrap can be applied and your car returned to you the same day, allowing you to quickly change the entire look of your vehicle. Avery Dennison wraps are particularly easy to apply, up to 20% faster than other technologies, and removal is just as simple because, unlike many other products, no adhesive residue is left on the car’s surface.

More economical

A standard paint job may be cheaper or a similar price than vinyl wrapping, but if you’re looking for a premium quality finish with real depth of color, or for a matte or iridescent finish, then a paint job would cost significantly more than a vinyl wrap to achieve the same look.

Versatile design

Vinyl wrapping your entire vehicle will give a whole new look and Avery Dennison Vinyl Wraps are available in a panoply of colors and finishes to suit all tastes. But, you might wish to only choose accents such as mirrors, door handles and windows.

Also, with these high-quality vinyl wraps, you can easily add graphics, signage, decals or lettering to your vehicle or fleet and take advantage of free advertising. The possibilities are endless!

Our creative team will work with you to help you choose the right look that perfectly matches your personality.

Final thoughts

We choose Avery Dennison because they are the market leader in terms of price and quality. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to provide superior service to protect your car and ensure its proper care in our hands.

Drop us a line and learn more about the benefits of vinyl wrapping and what it can do for your vehicle.

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