New car window tinting law in effect in California

When driving in the sunny state of California, we believe that staying safe on the road also means staying safe in the sun. Assembly Bill No. 1303 has been approved in September 2017, allowing California drivers to apply for medical exemptions for tinting film.

California generally prohibits anything that obstructs your view through your car windows. However, the new law allows for special window film on any or all of your car windows if your dermatologist determines that you need protection from the sun’s UV rays. In order to take advantage of the exemption, the tint needs to be designed to protect you from UV radiation.

Here at Monumental Workx, we install window tints, we comply with California UV protection standards, and we are well versed in all window tinting laws. Get a certificate from a licensed dermatologist saying that you need to be shielded from UV rays, and we’ll get you set up with high-quality tints to keep you safe in the sun.

Here’s how window tinting keeps you safe in the sun:

  • Screens out more than 99% of the harmful sun UV rays
  • Helps in preventing skin burn and skin cancer, as UV radiation is the main cause of many skin cancers
  • Reduces skin aging and skin damages, such as rougher, slacker and more wrinkled skin
  • Protects you from UV rays that can make your medical condition worse

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