Let us clear the air on some common myths about paint protection film (PPF). Many think it’s only for luxury cars, that it will be visible and damage the car or that it’s too expensive. In this blog post, we will break down these myths and reveal the real truth. Starting with Myth #1, we’ll show you that PPF isn’t just for luxury rides. It’s for everyone who is interested in its protective benefits. So let’s get into it. 

Myth #1: Paint Protection Film is Only for Luxury Cars

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is not just for high-end vehicles. While it’s true that luxury car owners often invest in PPF to protect their expensive cars, this protective solution is suitable for cars of all types. Whether you drive a sedan, a SUV, or a truck, PPF offers valuable protection against road debris, stone chips, and other environmental hazards. So no matter the car you drive, PPF is great for everyone. 

Myth #2: PPF is Noticeable

Contrary to popular belief, modern PPF is designed to be virtually invisible. That is of course if it’s professionally installed. If you opt for a DIY installation, that’s when things can go wrong. Our XPEL Paint Protection Film provides a clear and thin protective layer that allows your car’s original paint color and finish to shine through without any distortion. 

Myth #3: PPF Damages the Car’s Paint When Removed

If you believe PPF will damage your car’s paint during installation, you are wrong! This is a common misconception. When installed and removed by skilled professionals, PPF, such as XPEL, should not cause any harm to the underlying paint. It can be safely removed without leaving residue or damaging the original paint with a professionals help.

Myth #4: PPF Requires Excessive Maintenance

Another common misconception is that PPF requires excessive maintenance when in reality it’s quite the opposite. The durable film is designed to stay in place and stay effective without requiring special maintenance.

Myth #5: PPF Is Too Expensive for Average Car Owners

While the cost of PPF can vary based on factors like coverage and the type of film chosen, the perception that PPF is exclusively for those with high budgets is a misconception. Many professional installers, including Monumental Workx, offer flexible solutions to cater to various budgets. It’s crucial to view PPF as a long-term investment in preserving your vehicle’s appearance and resale value. Considering the protection it provides against stone chips, bugs, and other road hazards, PPF becomes a cost-effective solution that pays off in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your car.


So now you know the real truth behind these common misconceptions on PPF. We hope that after clearing these up for you, you understand why Paint Protection Film is so great! No matter your car type, Monumental Workx is here to help protect your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your installation at Monumental Workx at (858)291-8200. You can also fill out our free estimate form here. Or, even better, come on down to our shop. Our address is the following: 5266 Eastgate Mall San Diego, CA 92121.

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