Professional Window Tinting vs. DIY

Window tinting upgrades your car’s privacy and protection. But should you hire a professional shop or settle for a DYI window tint project? Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the two options you have.

DIY window tinting

Installing window tints for your car could be a nice project, especially in these times when we all need to practice social distancing and spend more time at home. But let’s explore the pros and cons of such a project.


  • A DIY project is fun and gives a sense of accomplishment if you manage to do it properly.
  • It is convenient. You can do it when you have the time and in your garage.
  • The costs are lower. You will pay only for the tints, considering that you already have some installation tools in your garage.


  • You may not have the proper installation conditions: no dust or clutter, enough space, not too much sunlight, but enough light to accurately apply the film.
  • Buying a low-quality tint make your DYI project more challenging, and you might need to install a new film soon.
  • Lack of proper equipment or experience in using the specific tools leads to bad installation of the tint.
  • You risk applying some tint films that do not respect the state regulations on window tinting.
  • It takes time and can generate a lot of frustration during the process.

Professional window tint installation

If you were to choose professional window tint installation, search for a trusted shop. Read reviews and ask your friends. Inquire about the shop’s experience, equipment, and the quality of the tint they use. But let’s also see some pros and cons of a professional installation.


  • A professional shop will work with experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Window tinting installation is done in a clean and specially designed space for such projects.
  • A reputable shop will provide a guarantee for the installation, in addition to the lifetime warranty for high-quality tints.
  • A tint shop will know what types of film to use to respect the state regulations.
  • When others do the work for you, it definitely saves you time.


  • It will cost more. But when you add time costs to your DYI project, you might end up with similar costs.
  • If you choose a shady shop, you might work with inexperienced technicians who might also use low-quality tint.

If you don’t want to waste your money and fully benefit from the protection of window tints, choose a professional installation and a reputable shop.

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