If your car’s look has worn out or it needs a fresh appearance, you might already face this dilemma: a paint job or a vinyl wrap? Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of painting your car versus vehicle wraps. We will analyze factors, such as time, costs, customizing, maintenance, removing, durability, etc.

Car painting

A paint job aims to restore the original paint of your car or change its overall color.


  • Authenticity. The paint job is the perfect choice when the old paint on your car is terrible or when you want to preserve your vehicle’s authenticity. If you own a collectible or a high-end car, then painting will maintain its original appearance.
  • Durability. A high-quality paint job, done in an expensive shop, can last years and years, with only minor fading because of UV rays.


  • Time. It might take up to a couple of weeks to repaint your car. The initial paint has to be removed, and then each paint layer needs enough time to dry before applying a new coat.
  • Costs. A good paint job is not necessarily so affordable.
  • Customizing. It will require some highly skilled and costly artists to customize paint and graphics on your car.
  • Maintenance. It needs regular cleaning followed by applying a protective coat of wax.
  • Removing. Paint is permanent. Removing it will be costly, and you will have to invest immediately in a new paint job.

Vinyl wrapping

Car wrapping is used to cover parts or the whole car with custom-fit protective decals.


  • Time. A professional installation might take up to a couple of days. The technicians will wash the car, perfectly clean and dry it, and then start applying the car wrap.
  • Costs. Vinyl wrapping is a cost-efficient alternative to paint. For commercial vehicles, vinyl wrap brings money in, as it can also function as advertising for your business.
  • Customizing. You can select metallic, matte, carbon, satin, or other textured finishes at a similar price as any other wrap.
  • Maintenance. It is effortless to maintain with regular washing and nothing else.
  • Removing. The vinyl can be removed without damaging the car’s paint. Moreover, the paint will be as bright as it was the day you installed the wrap.
  • Durability. High-quality vinyl wraps can last up to 10 years. Add a UV resistant coating to it, which will keep the colors bright for a long time.


  • Prerequisites. The car’s paint has to be in good condition. Otherwise, the paint’s imperfections or rough spots on your vehicle will block the vinyl’s adhesion.

If you are only interested in maintaining the authenticity of your car, then painting is the only option. In all the other cases, enjoy the benefits of vinyl wraps.

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