These days, when we talk about taking care of our cars, a clear bra is an absolute must-have. Protect your car and forget about those bad days when you discover that another pointy rock had hit and scratched your front bumper.


Install an XPEL clear bra and get the extra protection for your car’s precious paint and keep its shine! Learn about the top advantages of an XPEL protective film:


  1. A clear bra rescues car’s paint from rock chips and other road debris. Without an XPEL protective film, paint chips will require repairs and repainting.
  2. The XPEL clear bra shields the car from harsh weather conditions and chemicals. Wrap your car to avoid damages from hot temperatures or freezing cold, and acid rains.
  3. The clear bra will keep your car’s paint safe from insects, little bugs that could scratch or seriously harm your vehicle because of their acidic properties.
  4. The XPEL clear bra preserves your car’s paint in a factory-quality condition. This increases the resale value of your car because the paint will look brand-new when the bra is removed.
  5. Install the XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra that has self-healing power and self corrects wash line damage or minor abrasions using only the sun heat.


Fully protect your car’s paint with a professional installation of an XPEL clear bra.

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