Spring is here and there are many sunny days ahead! Drive into spring with a clean shiny car. Spring car cleaning should be part of your annual cleaning and maintenance routine. Make your car happy by following these five essential spring cleaning steps:

1. Start with the tires:
Scrub your tires with a stiff brush and a special tire-cleaning product. Always use non-acid cleaners to protect the car’s tires.

2. Clean the car’s exterior:
You want to get rid of all that winter dust and mud from your car.
  • Wash your car with soap and water or schedule it for a professional carwashing.
  • Do not forget about headlights and mirrors, and dry everything with a microfiber towel.
  • Finish the process with car wax.

3. Continue with the interior of the car:
  • Throw away and recycle all trash from the car, and with a firm brush remove the winter grime from mats and carpet.
  • Brush the dust off from all interior surfaces of your car.
  • Clean your windows with a free-ammonia cleaner and with a microfiber cloth.
  • Use the vacuum to complete cleaning.
  • Finally, if necessary, reorganize the items you store in the car.

4. Don’t forget to clean and clear the trunk:
  • Get rid of the many winter items and collect all trash.
  • Vacuum out any debris, dust or dirt.
  • Reorganize things you store in the trunk and that are still needed there.

5. Inspect the underneath the hood of the car:
The best time to wash this area is in the morning after the car’s engine has cooled all night.
  • Before starting to clean, switch off the engine and remove all the battery cables.
  • Use only soap and water, and dry off immediately, to make sure that water does not reach the sensitive areas.
  • If in doubt in cleaning the engine area, better schedule a professional cleaning for your car.
Spring is also the time to give a new look to your car.
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