At Monumental Workx we provide the best car vinyl wrap installation in San Diego creating amazing products for you that make your car stand out above the rest. Why our wrapping is the best? Because of our experts’ professional work, our state-of-the-art equipment, and because we use the highest quality vinyl wrap material out there – 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film aka 3MTM Wrap Film Series 1080.

Innovative and trusted
The technology behind 3MTM Wrap Film Series 1080 provides superior performance, which we transform into outstanding results in your car. The 3M wrap film gives us confidence that our wrapping service is high quality and reliable.

The high variety of textures and finishes of the 3M wrap film allows us to create any design you want for your car. We can make your car fantasies come true. With 3M film, there are countless options to make your car truly distinctive!

100+ Colors
You can choose from more than 100 colors, creating a unique design for your car. Wrap Film Series 1080 offers an unparalleled combination of shades and finishes, and the palette continuously expands. At Monumental Workx, we can install on your car the latest 3M Wrap Colors: Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl, Gloss Silver Chrome, Satin Flip Psychedelic, and Shadow Military Green.

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