As you drive your shiny brand new car off the lot, the last thing you want is seeing stone chips or road debris damaging your car’s perfect exterior. This is where a clear bra, also known as paint protection film (PPF), comes in. They’re both the same thing so don’t get confused if we use them interchangeably. Basically a clear bra is a transparent layer designed to shield your vehicle’s paint from the wear and tear of everyday driving. So continue reading as we’ll share the pros and cons of installing a clear bra on your new car. We hope that after this you are able to make an informed decision on whether this protective measure is something you’re interested in. 

The Pros

Protects Against Road Hazards

One of the most important pros of paint protection film (PPF) / clear bra is the fact that it’s basically an invisible shield that protects your car’s paint from road damage. Whether that’s stone chips, road debris, or even bug splatters. Not only will it keep your vehicle looking pristine but it will also preserve its resale value if you decide to put it up for sale. 

Enhanced Aesthetics and Invisible Protection

Clear bra technology goes beyond protection. It ensures that your vehicle maintains its aesthetic appeal over time. Worries about unsightly cracks, peeling, bubbles, or discoloration become a thing of the past with our XPEL Paint Protection Film. The film is engineered to maintain its clarity and transparency, allowing your car’s original paint color and finish to shine through without any visual distortions.


The innovative self-healing feature of XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film represents a technological breakthrough in the world of automotive care. Crafted with elastomeric polymers, this cutting-edge film possesses the remarkable ability to autonomously heal scratches, swirls, and fine marks over time.

Low Maintenance

Our XPEL Paint Protection Film not only excels in protection but also in practicality. Its durable design ensures that it stays securely in place, effectively doing its job without the need for constant attention. This low-maintenance feature allows car owners to enjoy the benefits of clear bra protection without the hassle of intricate upkeep, providing a seamless and convenient solution for preserving the pristine condition of new vehicles.

Easy Application and Long-Lasting 

The application process of XPEL Paint Protection Film combines precision and simplicity. Utilizing advanced computer programs, custom patterns are cut to fit your specific vehicle, ensuring a seamless and tailored fit. Technicians then apply the protective film using a straightforward spray solution, keeping it securely in place throughout your car’s life. Importantly, if the need arises, the film can be easily removed by a skilled technician without causing any harm or distortion to your vehicle’s original paint. This balance of easy application and removal makes clear bra technology a flexible and user-friendly solution for protective customization.

Flexible Solutions for Every Budget and Requirement 

Not everyone may need or want full vehicle coverage, and Monumental Workx recognizes this by offering partial solutions that cater to various preferences and budgets. At $600*, the Partial Front option covers essential areas like the front bumper, headlights, and fog lights, providing a good level of protection for those looking for targeted coverage. Stepping up to $999* for a Better Solution, the Partial Front includes additional coverage on the hood and fenders, offering an enhanced shield against potential damage. For those seeking an Even Better Solution at $1,899*, the Full Front package extends protection to the entire hood, fenders, and front bumper. Finally, at $4,899*, the Best Solution provides comprehensive coverage for the entire vehicle. Whether you opt for the targeted approach or go all-in for full protection, XPEL’s Paint Protection Film ensures durability, reliability, and the peace of mind that your investment is safeguarded against bugs, rocks, debris, and gravel. The computer-cut, undetectable film with a 10-year warranty and self-healing properties adapts to your specific needs, making us a versatile and customizable solution for preserving your car’s flawless finish.


Upfront Cost

While the benefits of XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film are undeniable, it’s crucial to address the potential drawbacks, particularly the upfront costs associated with its application. The investment varies based on the level of coverage selected, starting from $600* for the Good Solution, which includes protection for the front bumper, headlights, and fog lights. As you explore more extensive coverage options, such as the $999* Better Solution (Partial Front) or the $1,899* Even Better Solution (Full Front), the cost increases accordingly. Opting for the comprehensive Full Protection at $4,899* represents the highest investment but ensures coverage for the entire vehicle. While the protective advantages, durability, and self-healing properties are consistent across all levels, the initial financial commitment might be perceived as a drawback for some car owners. It’s essential to carefully assess your budget and priorities to determine the most suitable level of protection that aligns with your preferences and financial considerations.

Professional Installation Required

One notable challenge associated with the application of XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film is the requirement for professional installation. Achieving a seamless and bubble-free application demands a level of precision and expertise that may be challenging for individuals attempting a DIY approach. While the benefits of the film are extensive, from its durability to its self-healing properties, the visual impact can be compromised if not applied correctly. DIY installations may lead to visible imperfections, such as bubbles or uneven application, potentially undermining the overall aesthetic appeal. Entrusting the installation to professionals ensures not only a flawless outcome but also maximizes the protective capabilities of the film. For those seeking the expertise of PPF installers in San Diego, Monumental Workx stands as your go-to solution. Our skilled technicians specialize in the meticulous application of XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, guaranteeing a seamless finish that not only enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle but also ensures optimal protection.


As you weigh the pros and cons of incorporating a clear bra, also known as XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF), into the preservation strategy for your new car, the benefits undoubtedly shine through. From its unparalleled protection against road hazards, enhanced aesthetics, self-healing capabilities, and low maintenance, clear bra technology is a testament to innovation in automotive care. Monumental Workx, as your dedicated PPF expert installers, ensures that the process is seamless and the outcome is flawless. So, if you’re intrigued by the prospect of protecting your car’s finish while maintaining its aesthetic allure, contact us at Monumental Workx at (858)291-8200. You can also fill out our free estimate form here. Or, even better, come on down to our shop. Our address is the following: 5266 Eastgate Mall San Diego, CA 92121.

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