Nowadays, vehicle wraps are relatively commonplace, whether you’re a car enthusiast, business owner, or advertiser, your imagination is the only limit on your options with vinyl wraps. But have you ever wondered where it all began?


  1. The type of vinyl used for vehicle wrapping was pioneered in 1926 by the Goodrich Corporation. This new, very versatile, “plastic-like,” material provided much opportunity for growth in the field of vehicle advertising, as it could be produced to be firm or flexible, thick or thin, and in any color.
  2. However, at first, only large, well-funded clients could afford to use vinyl graphics, such as the U.S. Air Force. Most other companies were still using paint to customize their cars and fleets. Interesting fact: the first person to use a car to advertise their brand was Milton Hershey – he painted the Hershey chocolate brand logo on a vehicle in 1900.
  3. Not until the 1980’s did vinyl technology become affordable enough for small businesses. It was at this point that smaller businesses started to use vehicle vinyl for marking their cars and trucks with lettering and logos.
  4. In the 90’s, vinyl was still limited in design, color and image quality, but regardless of the limitations, the very first vinyl-based vehicle advertisement was implemented in 1993 by Pepsi. Other companies adopted the idea and began to realize that they can use vinyl graphics for more than just logos and lettering,
  5. The cutting edge technology of today, such as piezoelectric inkjet printers, large format graphic design software and powerful, reliable computers, made vinyl wraps even more affordable and amazing in terms of quality, performance, design and colors.


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