As installers we are aware of all the paint protection film choices available on the market, and all our selections are the best for your car and your investment. Here are the main reasons why we recommend Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection.


High performance protection

Whatever nature and road throw at your car, Xpel Ultimate film is ready to protect it from scratching, decoloring, etching, oxidation, etc. Forget about rock chips, chemical stains, small scratches, bug guts, bird droppings, UV damage, because Xpel Ultimate keeps you car’s paint safe from all the outside elements.


Crystal clear installation

Our experts can guarantee you that Xpel Ultimate installs with ease and it looks incredible. With a quality installation provided by Monumental Workx, the film is invisible to the naked eye. No premature discoloration or yellowing over time, because it is built to last!


Long-lasting performance

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection really stands out for its high-level of performance over time. When properly maintained, the film will continue to perform well beyond the life of the warranty. By the way, the Xpel producer stands behind their product with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.


Self-healing coat

The long-lasting performance is also given by the Xpel film’s self-healing power: small scratches in the film disappear after the protection is exposed to heat. Xpel Ultimate is the world’s first self-healing film protection, because Xpel company was the first to develop the self-healing technology, and it still leads the way in the field.


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