We are proud to now call ourselves an authorized dealer and installer for Llumar, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance window films and tints that are used in automotive, residential and commercial applications. They are known for their high standards in selecting the dealers who can do their products justice, as they say.

We will start using two of their top series the Pinnacle and the Stratos

The FormulaOne Pinnacle Window Tint represents the height of style made for today’s device-dependent lifestyle. It offers peak performance in an automotive tint. It elevates your vehicle’s window glass, intelligently merging sophisticated looks and features. Advanced nano-ceramic technology enables the highest possible levels of protection against solar heat, road glare, and UV rays while supporting signal clarity for electronic devices of all types: keyless entry, satellite radio, onboard navigation, smartphones, and tablets.

Durability comes from premium components such as color-stable dyes, powerful adhesives, and a layer of scratch protection. Pinnacle is a remarkably advanced tint designed for life today and beyond.

The FormulaOne® Stratos™auto tint with proprietary hybrid-matrix technology utilizes the most advanced non-metal technology for maximum heat rejection with no signal interference with your electronic devices like your mobile phone, GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio or tablets. You can stay connected, cool and comfortable whether you are commuting to work or taking a weekend road trip.

Stratos is engineered for improved comfort and less distracting glare. This new technology rejects up to 63% of solar heat to enhance your driving experience. And, it shields your passengers from > 99% of harmful UV rays* while it helps reduce interior fading and cracking due to UV ray exposure.

The Science Behind Stratos Window Tint’s Hybrid-Matrix Technology, which utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles to create advanced infrared absorbing properties. The innovative layers are designed to trap heat and disperse it outward through your glass providing our maximum level of heat rejection without signal interference.

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